6 People With Extra Body Parts, nNo 3 Will Make Shiver For 3hrs (Photos)

6. A woman with two wombs.

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23 Year old Hannah Kersey, a UK woman is believed to be the first woman to deliver triplets from two wombs.


Hannah had identical twins, Ruby and Tilly who were born from the same womb and Grace who was born from the other. The condition known as uterus didelphys ( two wombs) affects 1 out of every 1000 women in the UK while 1 out of every 25 million woman give birth to triplets from two wombs.
In Miss Hannah’s case, the babies were conceived from two eggs, one for each womb and fertilized at the same time by two sperms. Grace seems to be the ringleader probably because she grew up in a separate womb.

5. Baby born with two heads

Maria De Nazare, a Brazillian woman , was told she was going to welcome a set of twins. However, following series of tests conducted on her, doctors revealed to her that her baby has two brains and two spines but shares one heart, lungs , liver and pelvis.
The 25-year-old mother, who lives in a rural area within the state, had no ultra-sound scans during her pregnancy and only found out about the abnormality minutes before the baby was born at 1 am on Monday morning. She said: ‘When doctors scanned her, they realized that the baby had two heads and that a normal birth would be a great risk both for mother and baby. The cesarean took an hour because the baby was sitting down.And in a tribute to the religious celebrations at Christmas, she has decided to call the pair Emanoel and Jesus.

4. Man with three legs

George Lippert (1842-1906) was born in Bavaria, Germany with two functioning hearts and three functioning legs (sort of). His right leg split off into two, one of which was normal-sized, club-footed, six-toed and not good for walking, and another one that was malformed, terminated in a knob and had three toes. Ironically it was this second one he walked upon, in the manner of a peg leg. The only known images of him are pitch cards based on an illustration, so it’s difficult to know how accurately written descriptions of his physiognomy accorded with reality. (The fact that his career took place well into the era of photography makes one want to regard the claims with at least a particle of caution).

ears as a performer he retired, broke. Though he billed himself as the “Original” Three Legged Man, by then he had competition in the person of Francesco Lentini, whose third leg apparently had more to commend it. In 1906 he contracted TB and one of his hearts stopped beating. The other one continued working for another two weeks.

3. The man with two hearts

This rare transplant was performed on Tyson Smith.The life-saving cardiac surgery called ‘heterotopic heart transplantation’ means Mr Smith effectively has two beating hearts to pump blood around his body – like the science fiction hero Doctor.Patient Tyson Smith, 36, was suffering from heart failure but was too weak to have a traditional heart transplant. So surgeons at the UC San Diego’s Thorton Hospital left Mr Smith’s own heart in place and implanted a second donor heart next to it, which they then fixed together.The operation, which was performed fittingly on Valentine’s Day, was a great success. The heart beat moment was captured in a video. Watch video here>>

2. The baby with two faces

14 year old baby, Kangkang was dubbed , “the mask man” because of his facial deformity. Kangkang was born into a chinese family with a second face appearing on his face meaning the baby is born with a traversal facial cleft. This literally made the baby seemed as he was wearing a mask.Unable to see her son upon birth, the unfortunate mother, who is employed at a company that manufactures electronics in the Guangdong Province, pleaded and pleaded with her husband to see the newborn. After finally be handed the child, she broke down into tears.

No one knows what causes this unfortunate condition, though theories abound. It could be caused by an infection, or even frequent drug use by the mother. According to one source, the only drugs the mother took while pregnant were prescribed anti-abortion agents her doctors prescribed. Sadly, this condition is incredibly expensive to treat, as Yi learned when she took Kangkang at 20-days old to a hospital in Changsha. The final tally: around 300-400,000 Yen, or approximately 80,000 to 100,000 dollars.

1. A man with two functional joysticks
A man who prefers to have his identity hidden prides himself as the DoubleDickDude. The man in his mid twenties is a human replica of the snake and lizard reproductive organs. This condition in human is known as diphillia . The condition isn’t genetic, but could be caused by irregular homeobox gene expression during the 4th week of fetal development. This change in expression is brought upon by mutations in the genes or environmental factors

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