SHOCKER : Married Woman Calls Angela Okorie A Pr0stitute Because Her Husband Is Addicted To Her Photos


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A fan will like to know what to do to because she has caught her husband on several occasions making love to Nollywood actress Angela Okorie’s Instagram photos.
M@sturbation is a disease of the mind, it takes strong discipline and a strong relationship with God to control this s*xual addiction.
Perhaps it will be better for him to see a counselor.

Our take:

Please do not fight him for this, kindly ask him for ways you can help him out and if you are not fulfilling your bedroom obligations, pay close attention to it.
Finally, you may want to consider dressing s*xy to catch the attention of your man… Step up the game girl and see how it works out.
Angela Okorie… be careful because your s*xy photos on the social media is about to ruin a marriage **wink**

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