Nigerian Transgender Noni Salma Makes A Shocking Revelation That Got Muslims Looking For Their Guards

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Nigeria’s transgender Noni Salma has opened up on growing up with a strict Muslim parents and how he grew up with lots of fear. She also celebrates her freedom and ability to live as a trans-woman. She wrote;

“Fight for your freedom and truth!!! I grew up with very strict Muslim conservative parents and so a lot of “discipline” was instilled in me. Grew up with a lot of fear. Fear to live. Fear to use my voice. But that fear obviously had an expiry date. To be honest, right now I don’t care who doesn’t like me or those castigating me. I am free and that taunts them, so I’m good.

To my trans folks especially the ones In Nigeria, scared and unable to transition because of the hostile environment, I want you to know it gets better and you are possible. Doubt me? I used to be a scared child. Followed the rules. Conformed. Not anymore. This picture here is that of a rebel, one who knows who she is and knows what she wants. You can be that too, and more!
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