WATCH-Lady claims singer The Weekend disv!rgined her when they were young…shares the encounter


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The Weekend’s real name is Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye and this lady claims they grew up together and she lost her virginity to him. She shared their encounter online. Read below…

I’ve known Abel since we were youth and played together after school. He was a very shy guy who knew how to sing but I never thought he would come this far on that talent alone. After I moved from Toronto to Brampton in grade 9 we lost touch.

My mom and dad, who are originally from Eritrea(mom) and Ethiopia(dad), were good friends with his mother and my dad was kind of a man figure in his life so he tried to keep in touch but ultimately it failed. Due to Abels behaviour taking an abrupt turn for the worse.

When we came back, in grade 10, we moved back into our old neighborhood and Abel still stayed there so I was happy. Until I met his new friends who were drugged out assholes to say the least. After telling him how I felt about his friends he would come over my house by himself.

One day we were home alone (my parents didn’t know, Habesha parents WOULD NEVER allow this lol), and he made a move and the next thing I know we were naked and he was down below. Mind you this is my first time so I’m scared shitless and laying straight like cardboard.

I wish I could give an accurate length receipt but I was dumb as hell and was trying to go to my happy place. I just remember it being really long and wide and causing a lot of blood of my floor.
After that I had to move again and never heard of him until I got a tumblr account and seen him everywhere.

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