Ladies, 7 Signs To Know You Have Expired In The Life Of A Guy


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Gone are the days when romantic affairs are usually ended with one person calling it quit through saying it directly, face to face, that the affair has ended or through a message sent to the other person. These days, people embark on what I call a ‘silent withdrawal’. As a guy that I am, I perfectly understand the antics that are normally used by guys when they consider a romantic affair to be an ‘expired product’ that is no longer desired. Below are clear signs ladies should watch out for so that they don’t end up wasting their time still thinking that every thing would become normal again some day wink

1) He becomes too busy: When a guy loves you and he is into you, no amount of work load can prevent him from having quality time with you; except he doesn’t reside in the same town as you. When a guy becomes too busy to share quality time with you, just know that it could be possible that you have expired in his life! You need to re-evaluate your stand, gurl!!! cool

2) He hardly call like he used to: When a guy doesn’t call you as he used to, you have probably expired in his life! The fact is that his precious air time has been re-directed to another person who his heart desires. You need to dust your ass and move on, gurl! I know it’s painful! grin


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