9 Ways Girls Display Jealousy When They See Their Boyfriend With Another Girl

Ways Girls Display Jealousy

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Jealous ladies are so funny sometimes.They might be jealous because they saw their boyfriend with a girl she didn’t know anything about, maybe the girl might be a friend or elder/kid sister or relative to the guy.
Sometimes they even make some rashly approach in order to satisfy their jealous mind.
This thread is about 10 Ways Girls Display Jealousy When They Seen Their Boyfriend With Another Girl.

[b] 1.They Stop Replying His Chats:
Whenever a jealous girl saw her boyfriend with another girl, they will start asking themselves this question “His he cheating on me”.
When the guy sent her message through any chatting media just to chat with her then the girl will become another being entirely by not replying his chat or even replying with the word ‘k’.

2.They Start Acting Strange:
This is very common among jealous ladies.They know how to transform just like a “Vampire” within a second.
They will be like Selena Gomez and turn the guy to Justin Bieber.

3.Switching Off Their Mobile Phone:
She will switched off her phone just to avoid the guy’s call.
Even to the highest level, she can just destroy the SIM Card and start using another one.

4.They Stop Answering His Phone Call:
Jealous girls are so good in this.Whenever the guy called, they would refuse to answer his call or even transfer his call to voicemail because of jealously.
I’m sure, my boss ‘Tosyne2much’ must have experience this..

5.Uploading Of A Dude’s Pictures As Her Dp Or Facebook Profile:
Jealous ladies can’t deny this fact, they will upload a guy’s pic on their facebook profile and tagging the pic with a word like “My Love” “My Heart” “My Treasure” in order to make the guy also jealous.
It’s a form of “Payback Act”.

6.Flirting With The Guy’s Friends:
Jealous ladies are very good at this, though some think is just a way of making the guy jealous,Payback Stuffs.
She’ll chat, laugh, play with the guy’s friends without even uttering a word to her boyfriend who has already been becoming a Side-rooster…Opposite of Side-Chick.

7.They Stop Showing Care:
Before, the lady can call the guy almost 10 times a day just to express her feelings, care and love towards him but after she found a girl around her boyfriend, she won’t even flash him talkless of calling.

8.Get Emotional Easily:
Jealous ladies easily get emotional in a suitation whereby she can walk up to him after spotting them and give him a very jealous hot slap.
Jealous ladies sometimes make rashly moves, after when they have done these rashly stuffs, that’s when their senses recuperated back to normal.

9.They Turn The Scene Into A Female’s Wrestling Arena(Lone Survivor):
That’s when they become like Aj Lee and Naomi.
Either I kill/injure you or you kill/injure me today.At the end of the day, she might later realize that the girl is a Kid sister to her Boyfriend.Which might leads to conflict between She and her boyfriend..

10.Feel Free To Add Yours..

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