Unbelievable! Man Sprays Insecticide Inside His Ear to Kill a Cockroach…But This Shocking Thing Happened(Photos)

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The insecticide
A Chinese, after several attempts to remove a cockroach that had crawled into his ear while he was sleeping, has decided to kill the intruder by spraying bug spray into his ear canal.
According to SCMP, the 60-year-old man from Chengdu told doctors that a cockroach crawled into his ear on February 1st. He could feel it wiggling around inside, so he tried to force it out with various tools.


First he tried using his fingers, then he moved on to ear wax scoops, toothpicks and tweezers. None of them proved successful, so he then tried scaring the insect by hitting his head with his hands, but that didn’t work either.

After three days the insect seemed to have advanced further into his ear, so he decided it was time for desperate measures. He grabbed a canned on insecticide and sprayed it into his ear, hoping to kill the intruder.
The cockroach after it was removed
This time, the man, referred to as Liu Qian (a pseudonym) by the media, was successful, but that didn’t actually solve his problem. The cockroach died almost instantly, but it remained stuck in his ear.
Doctors say the chemical warfare the man waged on the insect didn’t help very much, as the spray caused his ear canal to swell up, trapping the bug inside. In the end, he had to visit a doctor to have the cockroach removed, an operation that took only a few minutes. It turned out that the insect measured around one centimeter.
“Cockroaches tend to move towards warmer locations, so they will always go indoors during winter.
“The sticky earwax also has a mild odour, which is the cockroaches’ favourite,’”, Dr Wang Ji, who conducted the operation said.
He advised people who might one day be confronted with this problem to pour clean oil into their ear to smother the insect or force it out. Picking your ear or using bug spray only causes irritation to the sensitive skin inside the

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