5 Ways to charm a Girl and get her into liking you


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So lets go there, charming a girl is not about touching her sensitive parts, its all about making her feel happy and delightful in the sense that she could just kiss you there right away.


Being called a charmer is a good thing but do not forget that in order to charm that girl, your actions should go beyond your looks and swagger, hope you get what i mean? Looking at a girl and staring at her in a sexy manner can not win you her heart.

So it all starts with a good conversation and it also ends there. Its all about how you communicate with her and make her feel glad and happy. Anyway am saying much, lets go straight into those five things you should do.
1. Talk About The Things She Like
Do you keep wondering why you need to talk about something a girl like? Or are you thinking it is unnecessary? Now hear this, when you are trying to create an impression so as to get a girl to like you, you need to know whats going on in her mind. The boundary between girls and guys has narrowed down so much in the present day, so you dont really need to talk about maybe couture, diamonds or cosmetics. It is easy to have an interesting conversation without stressing your self. Remember to observe her behaviour and know what she like, then also keep it in mind to talk about those things when in conversation and also try to stay away from tech conversations, or sports unless if you want your quest to be a failure.
2. Flatter Her.
Now before we talk about this, let me say this, you know its an easy thing for a girl to talk back to you when you are talking to her, but thats not always enough, you need to make her feel that you have an interest in her, and at the same time, you should make her feel comfortable.
If you start talking to her like a friend, she would think you are a good guy, but not a charming guy, so for you to be seen as a charming guy, you need to make her to look at you as a dating potential. So for that to occur, you need to flatter her.
Dont say boring things like ” you look beautiful”, ” you are so pretty “, or any of such because its not genuine.So you have to be specific while complementin her. She is got a new clothing? Say something like ” you really look cute in this dress today, is that a new cloth style?”.
The word cute is a nice word and men hardly use it, so when you use it, she knows you mean it.
Try avoiding complements that sound like as if you are her stylist or gay best friend, or as if you want to have a sexual intimacy with her.
By flattering her the right way, you can warm her up and make her smile, and at the same time, you make her to realize how pretty she is and that you really admire her beauty.
Also try to make her know how attractive she is and by so doing, she would see you as a dating potential.
3. Be Funny.
Now i don’t really need to tell you how to be funny and make her laugh. After you have got her into smilling by your sweet lines of flattery and nice conversation, you should try to make her more comfortable by giving her a personal space.
I mean you should not only make her talk and keep talking, try to make her laugh out loud. So here is a point on how to make her laugh.
Do not tell her jokes,but be happy when you talk to her. Telling her jokes straight out of a book sounds stupid, but instead, tell her about something very funny (real or fiction) that happened in an incident which she can respond to.
So always smile and be happy if you want to charm her. If you are so nervous, it will make her feel uncomfortable, but if you smile and you appear happy,she would be happy too and would smile back at you.


4. Flirt With Her.
Every guy flirts with a girl at all time. And sometimes, you discover that you just gross a girl out because you flirt too much and you are starting to become creepy. So dont over do the flirting.
So lets go there, one of the best ways to get it started is by being the casual type. Try to find out from her what she does on weekends, her favourite hangout spots or maybe what she does after work. Now those things are personal and no one would just ask her things like that except otherwise, so she might think you are hitting on her.
So out of no where, thrust in a question like ” hey, do you have a boyfriend? I know this is personal but if you do, i would just shatter into pieces right now.” Now thats corny right? Dont worry, just try it, it works like magic.
Now do you know what she would do? She will smile or laugh because that line just got your intentions straight across to her, so don’t just stand there and be waiting for an answer, because that would make it an akward situation.
So just talk about something else and act like as that question means nothing to you. Your intentions would be clear, but at the same time, it will not make her feel uncomfortable.
5. Touch Her.
Now touching a girl while trying to create an impression is a dangerous moment, but however, you need to learn how to do this at the right time at the right place.
You know how it feels when you get into contact with fire, now touching a girl is like playing with fir. What do i mean? When you put your hand into a burning fire and you quickly take out your hand, you will not feel the warmt of the fire, but when you put your hand into the fire and you keep it there for too long, you know what happens, you will burn, so now you see how this can be related to touching a girl and how dangerous it can be.
So if you have completed all the above steps, that would warm her up, so you can just make her feel something chilling down her spine with a simple touch. But remember that you only touch her if there is a reason to do so.
You can touch her when trying to cross the street, or when you are sitting under a tree and a leave fell on top of her hair without her knowledge, so you can brush her up, but when doing all these, you must be careful to see how she reacts to your touches before you can repeat the process.
So if you want to know how to charm a girl and impress her, use all these steps listed and next time you see that girl you like, charming her will not be a headache for you.
Over to you Readers,we would like to listen to your opinion.

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