Laila’s blog reader who was duped by ‘Praise Obiora’ shares her shocking story

Read with me, guys, a mail I received from one of us at about 2am this morning. I was too shocked to utter a word by the time I was done reading this mail.

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Hi Laila, thanks for your good works and platform, please kindly hide ? from Blog visitors. 

I read this story on your blog yesterday and similar ugly thing happened to me between June 2016 – August 2016, by whom I believe to be the same facebook  scamer, though in my case he goes by facebook name HARRISON CHIDUBEM. He claims to work with Chevron Port Harcourt and said he is from Enugu State.  

He sent me a Facebook request and  I checked I didn’t know him from any where but
check his wall I didn’t find any criminating thing, so I accepted and we started chatting on facebook and I asked him how got know me,  he said is from suggested friends list. He asked for my number and I gave him and we started talking on phone his numbers: 08064923511, 09091565076. 

I asked him about his family he said his father is late and his mother is at Enugu and his only elderly sister is in  U. S. A, married to a Yoruba man. That his twin brother died when they were in JSS 3.That his mother is  hypertensive because him his only son is yet to marry. He gave me his so called mothers number as 08163162737, to be calling in other to comfort her and then speak with his mother’s house help called  “HAPPINESS “. He also put a call across to me to speak with his so called “Elder Sister” whom he said newly gave birth.  

Few days later he told me he will traveling to U. S. A for a 2Week workshop and begged me to be calling his mother so that her high blood pressure will not rise more and also told me not to tell his mother that he knew me through facebook and he called me with this number : +1708-931-5558. 

Somedays after he traveled,  his mother called me and was nearly crying that the building project his son is working on, that the engineer working on the site she bring #120,000 for the work to continue or he will go and things will spoil, she lamented so much, out of pity I sent it to her an name: NGOZIKA AUGUSTA NNAJI,  DIAMOND BANK, she claims she is neighbor friend.  This was after I called his son and he promised to refund me when he comes back.   

The next few days the so called house help “HAPPINESS “called me and was crying that their mother fell in bathroom broke her head and she is unconscious, they took her to the hospital and doctor says he needs #90,000 before he commence treatment that she needed oxygen support,  I asked to speak with the so called Doctor, and he said all the blah blah blah that if the money is not available in the hours time to put oxygen support she may die. 

The next again they needed #60,000 for blood transfusion. I now called the son to provide money and he said where he is,  he can’t transfer money that I should borrow from my friends and family that he will refund me and told him I have no one to borrow from, he was saying do I want his mother to die? I suggested he should call his elder sister and his friends and colleagues here. His answer to me was,  his sister just put to bed and her husband is not around as for his friends and colleagues that he didn’t travel with any of their contacts. 

At this point I started suspecting something fishy. 

He begged me and I said I don’t have any money and can’t borrow.  Though later, I sent some at least if it is true so that the woman will not die,  but my suspicions still hold. 

I made inquiry on the so called hospital where they said she was admitted and they said there is no such person or name admitted there. Later mother called me that she now OK and ready to go home but she needed money to clear the hospital bill, I said I don’t have money. 

A week later the son called me that himself and his colleagues are being held at Abuja,  that on their arrival the found drugs in their luggage, that I should bring #500,000 so that they can release them.  I told him I don’t have,  he said if is not provided by Monday they will take them to court and from there to prison. 

In total, he duped me of N164,000.00. Since then his number is not going through and he has blocked me from Facebook. So we have to be very careful and wise. Due to my soft heart and pity for mankind, I fell for this scam.

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