Dorcas dear, Yemi Oluwatobi is so sorry for hurting you

Hello Laila, I highly regard what you do, giving an avenue for people to share their relationship problems and get solutions. God bless your hustle. 

I really need my girlfriend back in my life cos I love her so much but every move to get her back doesn’t seem to be working. 

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She seems to hate me with a passion and she doesn’t even wanna hear me speak or give me a shot to turn things around. 

I know I made so many mistakes and I regret them. I really do regret them as these past few months have been lonely without her, no sex, no one to talk to just been so remorseful. I really need help on letting her know I realize how important she was when she was in my life and I don’t want her to leave. 

Each time I call her she says I am spoiling her happiness. I know she is still bitter about
the fact that I hit her but I promise I’ll never let my anger get to me. 

Laila, she is pretty stubborn and disrespectful so every effort to get her to change becomes more difficult coupled with her hating friends. 

She reads your stories and she loves what you are doing so I will like her to see this. Maybe she might just give me a shot and let me prove myself worthy of loving. I know she might be ashamed of me now cos she has told everyone about our past but I can clean that up by being nice to her.

 A man hitting a woman is a sin I tell NO woman to return to. But Yemi sounds so remorseful. He has been calling me to help him post this. Dorcas, you there?

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